Team Ventures invests a lot more than just money.

We are more like ideal co-founders with some capital. We get deeply involved in helping our portfolio companies with strategy, capital, business development, recruiting and execution.

We are passionate about building and supporting great TEAMS.

Just like competitive sports -- startups win or lose based on TEAM dynamics. The Team Group principals have worked with each other for over a decade and we've been privileged to build and to support great teams.

Team Services is a full finance and administrative team and platform for your business.

Most entrepreneurs hire great finance teams either too early or too late. We've created a platform to give entrepreneurs the benefit of having a world-class finance team at a fraction of the cost. We are compensated on a fixed monthly retainer; we do not surprise our clients with big bills.

We work with promising entrepreneurs and emerging teams.

Seed-funded entrepreneurs
Venture-backed companies
Profitable and bootstrapped startups
CEOs who are preparing for capital or exits

We aren't consultants or traditional venture capitalists. We are operators and get deeply involved.

We've raised over $100mm for our portfolio companies. We've had numerous exits and we've been through all of the ups and downs of being entrepreneurs.

Focus on your products and customers; we do the rest.

Team Services will handle all of the finance and administrative tasks so that you and your team can focus on the key things that drive startup success.

The Team Group supports entrepreneurs in two ways

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